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Five Tips for Vehicles

Welcome back recruits! We took a lot of your feedback from our last tips on infantry and some of you had great suggestions. We’d like to take a moment to respond to those:


* We won’t start requiring tanks to signal when turning. We are however beginning research into some sort of a beeping sound when they are going backwards.

* When we said hold still so the Combat Medic could heal you, we didn’t mean in the middle of a fire fight. The medpacks aren’t cheap folks and we are tired of regrowing arms.

* We received your concerns about the radiation in drop pods. I’m happy to report we’ve found a way to reduce those emissions. We will have to ask you to line the inside of your helmet with this special foil, but this totally has a small chance of working.

On to five more things you should know about vehicles:


1.  Those may look like ants running around, but quite a few of them have rocket launchers (some with lock on capabilities). Buzzing a control point tower may feel fun Maverick, but this isn’t a movie. Blast them before they blast you.

2.  There is plenty of ammunition for everyone. Please form an orderly line at the ammo towers and proceed through in a civilized fashion. We are not, and I repeat, NOT responsible for any damage to vehicles that may occur in the drive thru lanes. And please stop touching the person next to you. Keep it up and we will turn this battle around.

3.  Those are not rocks you are running over in the loading bay! Engineers are here to help, and they can’t do so stuck in your tank wheels.

4.  Jumping from seat to seat in a vehicle may sound fun (and completely realistic) but survivability improves greatly with a support team. Yes even the guy you can hear eating dinner in proximity chat may prove useful.

5.  Primary guns slot into your primary or driver slot. Secondary guns slot on top in the secondary slot. Please stop trying to top-mount your primary tank busters. X’s and O’s people, X’s and O’s.

We hope this helped! Stay frosty out there.