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Five Tips for Infantry

Good afternoon recruits!  We are here today to prepare you for the exhilaration of PlanetSide 2 combat.  Sure you’ve got your basic gear, a weapon, and maybe an itch to polish off a few enemy combatants.  That itch is actually mild radiation exposure from your drop pod, but we are mostly sure it’s not fatal or at least we’re mostly certain that, on Auraxis, you’re very much likely to die of something else first.

To help you live as long as you can, we’ve got 5 tips for the infantryman. These tips will not only improve your gameplay experience, but may prevent you from being hosed off of a rock. 


1.  Look both ways before crossing the road. I’m sure you learned this as a kid, but for some reason we can’t get anyone to volunteer as a crossing guard at the Warpgates.  Actually, this is good advice even off road. Be careful crossing any kind of terrain, especially if you can hear motors revving. Almost nobody to run you over if you jump out in front of their tank, but still, everybody will.wants

2.  Grenades are powerful, and they kill you and your own just as efficiently as they kill the enemy. Helpful tip? They’ll bounce. Like off that wall right in front of you and then back into your squad. Don’t be that guy. He’s always picked last when dividing people up for transport in the Sunderers.

3.  Allowing you to traverse long distances quickly, Instant Action and transports like the Sunderer and the Galaxy are your friends. Running 10km may seem healthier but this is the future.  We can regrow your heart. 

4.  Combat Medics can heal you, if you stop running around. I SAID IF YOU STOP RUNNING AROUND!  This is also why you get picked last. 

5.  That squiggly sound you sometimes hear is an infiltrator decloaking. We know it can be hard to tell if you just heard an enemy or an ally infiltrator, so here’s a simple tip. If you hear the sound and you don’t immediately die, it was probably a friendly. If you do find yourself dead, it was probably not. If your friend is standing behind you doing it over and over, you are being trolled.  Hope that helps!


Good luck out their soldiers.  We expect after reading this you are significantly more prepared for combat!  If not, well as I said, we can regrow your organs.