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Nanite of the Living Dead, Halloween 2022

Nanite of the Living (Oct. 5 - Oct. 31st)

This Nanite of the Living Dead event runs from Oct. 5th through Oct. 31st! Spooktacular ghosts, floating candles, and SpacePumpkins have surfaced on Auraxis.


A Spooky Sanctuary

SpacePumpkins are back! These wicked looking pumpkins await your visit at Sanctuary, swing by for a photo and share it with us on twitter @planetside2!

Enjoy the atmospheric vibes of Halloween with our music jingle!


The largest SpacePumpkin is in Sanctuary! Take a photo and share it with us on Twitter @planetside2 

Find Halloween decorations everywhere! You're bound to discover something spooky on every floor!


Trick or Treat!

Upon entering Sanctuary, you'll receive a mission to learn more about the Halloween event! Along the way, unlock holiday masks that provide bonus experience when worn!


Squash the SpacePumpkins!

The SpacePumpkins are creeping up on all of Auraxis!

Seek and destroy these gigantic gourds to earn experience and progress towards the Halloween directive!


Halloween Directive

Challenge yourself to complete the Halloween 2022 directive and earn the Creeping Camo!


Echoes of The Lost Fleet

A new epic event is happening in October! A mysterious derelict fleet carrier will spawn on Indar, Hossin, Esamir, or Amerish during a 15 minute special alert.

Smash enough spacepumpkins and your continent can unleash this behemoth. Take care of business, soldier!


New Halloween Bundles have arrived!

Celebrate Halloween this year with the enchanting NS-66 "Alchemist" Punisher, part of the new Alchemist Bundle available in the depot Oct. 5th.

With unique under barrel class-specific ammunition, this PDW has something for everyone!


Infiltrators will take to the hilltops with the new "Dawnbreaker". Variants available per faction. 


Make your enemies weep with both air and ground locks using the NS-R3 "Dawnstinger" Swarm.

Both items will be available in the Lightbringer Bundle.


But wait! There's more!

New faction specific main battle tank cannons, lightning cannons, construction tweaks, new corsair abilities, Oshur tweaks, a new NC Armor set and more!

This October update is packed with so much content, we hope you will enjoy! Patch notes will be released tomorrow!

Happy Halloween!