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A Liberating Update

by: Tony "RadarX" Jones

Grab your AA weaponry because this week’s update is sure to fill the skies with both aspiring pilots and grizzled veterans using all new weaponry on the Liberator 

First up is the L24R Spur which allows pilots to adjust their aim (versus having it fixed forward) is now an option for the Nose Gun providing additional air to air capability.   Tailgunners also now have the Hyena Missile launcher which are dumb-fire but lock on if they get close enough to an aircraft. 



Ground troops if you aren’t already cursing the rain of death belching from the Belly Gun of a Liberator, the D-75 Duster may get you to start.  With 75mm HE shells, the gunner can fire slow and accurate or unload all ten blanketing a small area with fire.   

With tail gun improvements, changes to composite armor, and balance adjustments on numerous other weapons it’s the perfect time to get in the air.  

Ever want to know more about that Infiltrator who just picked you off?  The all new Death Screen will provide a relative location, weapon, attachments and plenty of other data on your killer.  Graphs and session stats will ensure there is plenty of information about each life you use.  

Plenty more great additions can be found on the PlanetSide 2 forums .