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The New Vehicle Weapons May Be Your First Line of Defense.

When you’re behind the main gun of your MBT or piloting your harasser, what sort of weapon is your entrusted second-in-command using?

Three news weapons (one for each empire) are now available in the Depot. Using Daybreak Cash (PC), Battle Cash (PS4), or Certs, you can purchase these new weapons and ensure that the person you’ve trusted to ride along with you has the latest and greatest weapon at their disposal on the battlefield.

For the Terran Republic: The MR11 Gatekeeper

Based on a modified Fracture design, the Gatekeeper retains the feel of its forerunner but incorporates a faster fire rate and projectile speed while increasing overall accuracy.

For the New Conglomerate: The M96 Mjolnir

Affectionately referred to as “The Boombox” by many NC soldiers, the Mjolnir’s burst fire explosive rounds excel against armored targets in close-quarters engagements.

For the Vanu Sovereignty: The Aphelion VEX-4

This experimental laser weapon can tear through enemies with sustained fire, but an interesting side effect causes a build-up of residual energy while firing that can be harnessed into a devastating blast.

These new weapons are available for the secondary gun slot for Main Battle Tanks (MBTs) and for the top gunner slot for Harassers.

Which of these will complete your vehicles awesome fighting power? Head to the Depot now to pick one up and find out!