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Arm Up with the NS Arsenal Bundle!

Looking for guns, guns, and more guns?  The NS Arsenal Bundle is now available for the PC and will stuff enough weaponry in your arsenal to ensure you have something for almost any encounter.  Whether it's long range, close quarter, or stealth tactics you'll find what you need right here.  


NS Swarm Launcher
NS-44P Commissioner (Platinum)
NS Vandal Scout Rifle
NS-11C Carbine
MKV Suppressed SMG
NS Baron G5 Shotgun
NS-AM7 Archer AMR
Hunter QCX Sidearm
NS-357 Underboss Sidearm
NS-44L Blackhand Sidearm
NS Annihilator Launcher
NS Decimator Launcher
NS Campion Melee
NS Harrower Melee


This bundle is only available for a limited time at a large discount for 7999 Daybreak Cash so grab yours while you can!