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Outfit Wars Enlistment Extended/First Match Delayed

Hey there.

This Wednesday (Aug. 17,) there will be a downtime expected to last five hours. During this downtime we'll be pushing the first match date back by two weeks.


The dates for this season's Outfit Wars schedule will be as follows:

  • Aug. 17 - Downtime begins, Enlistment restarts
  • Aug. 28 - Last day of Enlistment
  • Sept. 2, 3 - First round of Qualifiers
  • Sept. 9, 10 - Second round of Qualifiers
  • Sept. 16, 17 - Third round of Qualifiers
  • Sept. 23, 24 - Fourth round of Qualifiers
  • Sept. 30, Oct. 1 - First round of Playoffs
  • Oct. 7, 8 - Second round of Playoffs
  • Oct. 15 - Championships


The changes above are meant to give us time to work out remaining technical issues that were discovered during internal testing, and provide more time to test publicly as well.

Additionally, we've updated the Championship match start times to begin at 7pm for the Fourth/Silver matchup, and 8pm for the Silver/Gold matchup. This change is based on community feedback, where they were previously scheduled around mid-day.

Matchups that were already determined going into the format should remain the same when the Qualifiers are reinstated, though this isn't guaranteed.

Along with the Wednesday update, you'll see a handful of balance adjustments and bug fixes. Investigation of the the Merit/Mentor currency issue still continues, however. More information to follow once the patch notes arrive on Tuesday.

I'm glad to see so many folks excited for the return of Outfit Wars. Thanks for bearing with us through the growing pains.

-Wrel, Lead Designer