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End of Summer Sales begin Aug. 22nd.

Enjoy the final days of summer with returning bundles and an exclusive members-only extended double exp event!

End of Summer Sales (Aug. 22 - 31)

We're bringing the following bundles back to the depot starting Aug. 22nd - Aug. 31st.

  • Lunar New Year Bundle (2021)
  • Demon Hunter Bundle (2021)
  • The Big Winter Weapon Bundle (2021)
  • Great Resolutions Bundle (2022)
  • Lunar New Year Bundle (2022)
  • Liberation Bundle (2022)
  • Stars and Stripes Contrails Bundle (2022)
  • Lovestruck Bundle (2022)
  • PlanetSide Legacy Bundle (2022)
  • Jester's Bundle (2022)
  • Wyrdwood Bundle (2022)
  • Saint Patrick's Day Bundle (2022)


Category Sales will also begin Aug. 22nd.

  • 20% off Infantry Weapons
  • 40% off Infantry Cosmetics
  • 40% off Vehicle Cosmetics
  • 40% off Camouflage


Members-only Double XP Event (Aug. 22 - 31)

All MEMBERS will receive an extended DOUBLE EXPERIENCE from Aug. 22 to Aug. 31!

Learn more about Daybreak All Access membership here:


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