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Outfit Wars Qualification Starts Tomorrow!

The wormhole orbiting Auraxis beckons, soldier, and you don't want to miss your last chance to enlist for Outfit Wars before qualification opens tomorrow, Friday, May 8, at 2:00 PM (local server time)!

So far, over 160 Outfits have enlisted across every server region for the OW Alpha 2 cycle! We've made some major changes to the format, so read on for all you need to know to book your ticket offplanet for the Outfit Wars finals on Saturday, May 16


One major change this cycle is that qualification now occurs in concentrated windows spread across 3 days. This is intended to encourage shorter, more intense ops sessions during peak server pops, and add R&R time in between qualifying windows. Full schedule below (times are the same in each server region*):

  • Qualification Phase 01: Friday, May 8 from 2PM to 10PM 
  • Qualification Phase 02: Saturday, May 9 from 2PM to 10PM
  • Qualification Phase 03: Sunday, May 10 from 2PM to 10PM  

*Server regional time zones: Connery (PDT), Emerald (EDT), Cobalt/Miller (CEST), and SolTech (JST)


Qualification still occurs entirely on live servers through normal gameplay, rewarding the top Outfits who contribute the most in service to their Empire.

This time around, we've reworked scoring to weight total contributions to successful combat ops (base capture and defense) and removed the emphasis on base ownership. Instead of gaining a static value by capturing a base, or owning it as resources tick up, Outfits earn the combined totals of the top-10 eligible Outfit mates who contribute to a base capture or defense. Outfits can now earn up to 250 OW points (equivalent to 25,000 combined score) for each capture, and up to 100 OW points (equivalent to 10,000 combined score) for a successful defense.

Additionally, participating Outfits receive 1000 OW points for spawning a Bastion, and 100 OW points for contributing to the destruction of an enemy Bastion weakpoint - both significant actions that decisively impact Empire strength on the field of battle.

As with last cycle, the top-3 Outfits from each Empire and region will advance to the Preparation Phase, before warping to Desolation for the Outfit Wars finals on Saturday, May 16!

This is your last chance this cycle to enlist and prove your worthiness to represent your Empire on Desolation - glory and the spoils of war await, soldier!