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PC Game Update: March 25, 2020

All PC servers will be taken offline on Wednesday, March 25 at 6:00 AM PDT (1:00 PM GMT) for the incoming update, and Emerald (US East Coast) server hardware upgrades. Downtime is expected to last up to 6 hours for Emerald, and 4 hours for all other server regions.

Server Performance

Alongside the Emerald server hardware upgrade, this update introduces several optimizations for all servers, and works to resolve performance issues related to recent updates. We will continue making improvements and resolving critical issues as they arrive.


Terrain, base flow, and Desolation visuals have received significant updates, and should continue to be considered work in progress.

  • Major revisions to terrain have been made, including additional cover in open fields.
  • A unique, new capture point building now surrounds each capture point.
  • Combat flow near and within each capture point has received major revisions.
  • Desolation Obelisk has received a new model and FX.
  • Desolation Obelisks now glow faction colors when captured.
  • At the end of the Outfit War, skybox now changes, continent now locks, and rewards are doled out.
  • The victorious outfit in an Outfit War now receives a free Bastion Fleet Carrier (this reward is mostly a placeholder that will be changed later.)
  • Warpgate regions now properly prohibit enemy players.
  • Warpgate bases now have a Desolation Cortium Silo, which is stocked at the start of the match with 75,000 Cortium.
  • Cortium held within Cortium Silos will not decay over time while on Desolation.
  • Desolation Cortium Silo will recharge nearby construction objects and terminals.
  • Airpads now have an icon on the map.
  • Fixed the fake, uncapturable capture point marker that could appear beneath the ground at the center of the map.
  • New ambient audio has been added to Desolation.
  • Fixed LOD ranges on Desolation Command Centers.
  • Desolation 2d map has received new visuals.

Construction Costs

In line with the changes to Desolation, construction costs have been rebalanced, and apply to both Desolation terminals and Construction terminals.

Cortium Costs below:

  • Flash: 100 to 50
  • Javelin: 200 to 100
  • Harasser: 300 to Same
  • ANT: 400 to Same
  • Sunderer: 400 to Same
  • Lightning: 700 to 300
  • MBT: NA to 500 - Only applies to Desolation Command Center terminals.
  • ESF: 700 to 400
  • Valkyrie: 500 to 300
  • Liberator: NA to 500 - Only applies to Desolation Command Center terminals.
  • Galaxy: NA to 750 - Only applies to Desolation Command Center terminals.


  • The Bastion’s deployment terminal now has a unique new visual.
  • Fixed an issue where Bastions could be instantly destroyed by physics collisions.
  • Drop pods should no longer get stuck inside Bastion collision.
  • Fixed visible texture seam on top of some Bastion turrets.
  • Glaive IPC can no longer deal damage directly to the Bastion (but may still damage its hardpoints.)

Outfit Armory

  • Introduced additional logging, and speculative fixes for various issues related to War Asset crafting.
  • Outfit decal no longer disappears when crafting War Assets.

Misc. Changes, Fixes, Additions

  • Fixed an issue that would prevent Instant Action from functioning.
  • Fixed additional instances where Critical Chain implant’s effects could last indefinitely.
  • Players will no longer be knocked back from MAX abilities in Sanctuary.
  • NSO empire emblem on HUD now updates properly when switching continents.
  • Render distance setting now saves properly for all languages.
  • Character select screen now displays the correct number of characters on the account.
  • Added visual FX to the Observer Drone in Sanctuary.
  • Salvaged Platinum Compound Helmet now displays the particle FX correctly on female characters.
  • Sanctuary received an improved 2d map.
  • Outfit decal no longer disappears when crafting War Assets.