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PlanetSide Celebrates 17 Years on Auraxis!

Hello Auraxians,

What a start to 2020! Over the last few months, we launched the Escalation update, the Tactical Loadout update, ran our first two Outfit Wars cycles, broke our own World Record, and announced the Colossus Update - just to name a few. The community response has FAR exceeded our expectations, and we couldn't be more grateful for your loyalty and continued support. 

Today is a special birthday - the 17th anniversary since the war-torn world of Auraxis came to be, but also our first as a team under the Rogue Planet banner. We're celebrating in style (with Double XP through the holiday weekend!) but that's just the start of what we have planned. Development on the next few updates continues on schedule, and we can't wait to show off our progress on the next dev stream. Stay tuned for confirmation on that date over the next week or so.

In the meantime, we hope you'll join us today in celebration! 17 years and running is a monumental achievement, and we couldn't have done any of this without you! We'll be sharing some of our best PlanetSide memories on Twitter or Facebook throughout the day (share yours in the comments or using the hashtag "#planetsidememories" to win special prizes). We're also running back some of our favorite PS1-inspired bundles and items in the Depot, which you can read about below.

Take a bow, soldiers - this is your birthday party too, and we look forward to celebrating many more together in the years to come!

-The Rogue Planet Dev team


Lock and load, soldiers - from Wednesday, May 20 through Monday, 25 May ALL players will receive Double Experience on the battlefield!

Double XP starts immediately in all server regions (PC & PS4) and will run until 11:59PM PDT on the upcoming holiday Monday, May 25.  


All Vehicle Cosmetics will be 40% off in the Depot on Monday, May 25!

Patriot Camo and Flare Launchers will also return for one day only on the holiday - stock up or miss out!


Going for that old-school look? Along with the (currently available) Bending Bundle and PS1-AV Suppressor, we're bringing back all of our favorite retro PS1-inspired bundles to the Depot through Sunday, June 7!

Read on for all the details:

Bending Bundle


Bending Bundle - 2999 DBC

PS1-AV Suppressor


PS1-AV Suppressor - 1499 DBC

This is a cosmetic variant of the MKV-Suppressed SMG, and can be used for the Exceptional II directive.


Oshur Bundle

Oshur Bundle - 999 DBC

  • Palm Camo
  • ANT NC2 Lumifiber Trim
  • ANT TR2 Lumifiber Trim
  • ANT VS2 Lumifiber Trim
  • ANT NS-A Horn
  • ANT VS Fury
  • ANT NC Fury
  • ANT TR Fury
  • ANT NSO Fury
  • VS Spitfire
  • NC Spitfire
  • TR Spitfire
  • NSO Spitfire


Searhus Bundle

Searhus Bundle - 999 DBC

  • Jungle Forest Camo
  • Liberator NC2 Lumifiber Trim
  • Liberator TR2 Lumifiber Trim
  • Liberator VS2 Lumifiber Trim
  • Liberator NS-A Horn
  • Liberator NC Duster
  • Liberator TR Duster
  • Liberator VS Duster
  • Liberator NSO Duster
  • NS-R3 Swarm


Forseral Bundle

Forseral Bundle - 999 DBC

  • Forest Ground Camo
  • Lightning Blue Lumifiber Bolt Trim
  • Lightning White Lumifiber Bolt Trim
  • Lightning Purple Lumifiber Bolt Trim
  • Lightning NS-B Horn
  • Lightning VS Skyguard
  • Lightning NC Skyguard
  • Lightning TR Skyguard
  • Lightning NSO Skyguard
  • NSX Naginata


Cyssor Bundle

Cyssor Bundle - 999 DBC

  • Giraffe Camo
  • Valkyrie Blue Lumifiber XW Trim
  • Valkyrie Purple Lumifiber XW Trim
  • Valkyrie Red Lumifiber XW Trim
  • Valkyrie NS-B Horn
  • Valkyrie NC VLG Missile
  • Valkyrie TR VLG Missile
  • Valkyrie VS VLG Missile
  • Valkyrie NSO VLG Missile
  • NS-45 Pilot


Solsar Bundle

Solsar Bundle - 999 DBC

  • Dry Lake Camo
  • Harasser VS Lumifiber Trim 4
  • Harasser TR Lumifiber Trim 4
  • Harasser NC Lumifiber Trim 4
  • Harasser NS-B Horn
  • Harasser VS Walker
  • Harasser TR Walker
  • Harasser NC Walker
  • Harasser NSO Walker
  • NSX Yumi


Ceryshen Bundle

Ceryshen Bundle - 999 DBC

  • Rocky Tundra Camo
  • Flash NC Lumifiber Trim 
  • Flash VS Lumifiber Trim 
  • Flash TR Lumifiber Trim 
  • Flash NS-C Horn
  • Flash NC Basilisk
  • Flash VS Basilisk
  • Flash TR Basilisk
  • Flash NSO Basilisk
  • NS-11C

 *Note: The Ceryshen Bundle is only available on PC.


Ishundar Bundle

Ishundar Bundle - 999 DBC

  • Indar Scrub Camo
  • Sunderer NC Lumifiber Trim 
  • Sunderer VS Lumifiber Trim 
  • Sunderer TR Lumifiber Trim 
  • Sunderer NS-C Horn
  • Sunderer NC Bulldog Front
  • Sunderer VS Bulldog Front
  • Sunderer TR Bulldog Front
  • Sunderer NSO Bulldog Front
  • Sunderer NC Walker Rear
  • Sunderer VS Walker Rear
  • Sunderer TR Walker Rear
  • Sunderer NSO Walker Rear
  • NSX Tomoe

 *Note: The Ishundar Bundle is only available on PC.

Sanctuary Bundle

Sanctuary Bundle - 999 DBC

  • NC Stripe Camo
  • VS Stripe Camo
  • TR Stripe Camo
  • Galaxy NS-B Horn
  • Galaxy NC Lumifiber Trim 
  • Galaxy VS Lumifiber Trim 
  • Galaxy TR Lumifiber Trim 
  • Galaxy NC Pelter (Left and Right)
  • Galaxy VS Pelter (Left and Right)
  • Galaxy TR Pelter (Left and Right)
  • Galaxy NSO Pelter (Left and Right)
  • NS-15M1

How will you be celebrating today? Share your favorite PlanetSide screenshots with us on Facebook and Twitter!