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Recruits! Are you prepared for battle?

Welcome, new recruit! The war on Auraxis is unlike any battle you’ve faced before, and we want you to be prepared. A good soldier always has up-to-date information, and a squad behind his back. Here’s where you can find the most up-to-date official news about PlanetSide 2, and join the community while you’re at it!

The Feed
The Feed ( is a hub of all information, with filters for you to select down to your areas of interest. Get the latest tweets, videos, and news articles in one convenient place.

The Forums & Reddit
Looking to provide feedback to the PlanetSide 2 Development team? Want to find an outfit or meet fellow members of your Empire? Missed the most recent Game Update and need to review the notes? You can do this and more on our official forums and/or the /r/planetside subreddit.

Social Media
If you’re the type who wants their news on the run (preferably in 140 characters or less), you’ll want to make sure you’re following along on all the PS2 social media channels. In addition to being a place to get quick info about what’s happening on Auraxis, you may also see videos, memes, and other work created by members of the PS2 community! And if you’re ready to #MakeWarStories of your own, tweet them to us!

We’ll see you on Auraxis.