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PlanetSide 2 Halloween on the Cheap

Halloween is just around the corner. Do you have a costume yet? We here at SOE decided to get festive and we want to share with you the Planetside 2 ideas we came up with. Now you too can suit up, just like in-game! Here’s how:

How to NC Like a Boss

  1. Use a baseball helmet, either silver in color or spray-painted silver. If you spray paint it, make sure to let it dry before moving on to step two.
  2. Print out the NC logo and glue it to the baseball helmet. If you have a glue gun or super glue, these will work best. If you’re in a bind, you can also tape it on.
  3. Don’t forget to let the glue dry!
  4. Use black paint or a black sharpie to outline the rim of the baseball helmet.
  5. Add a pair of goggles for extra coolness.
  6. Purchase some face paint.
  7. In the bathroom mirror give yourself a rugged look. Here’s a great, quick, and easy to tutorial:
  8. Find some clothing in your closet (or the store) that look like something a soldier would wear.
  9. Put it all on.
  10. Presto!

How to TR Like a Boss

  1. Like the NC example above, buy a baseball helmet. This time it should be red instead of silver.
  2. Print out the TR logo and affix it to the baseball helmet.
  3. Add a cool pair of goggles.
  4. Find some face paint.
  5. Look at the mirror, and look at your sweet self. Massage on some camo face paint like in the tutorial linked above.
  6. Find some clothing in your friends closet (or your own) that look like something a soldier would wear. Put it on!
  7. Aww yeah!

How to VS Like a Boss

  1. Procure a bike helmet and a hockey mask. Yes, both.
  2. Spray paint both helmets until sufficiently silvered.
  3. Let the masks dry before wearing. Seriously.
  4. Glue the hockey mask to the front of the bike helmet to create a mega-mask.
  5. Print out the VS logo and glue it to the mega-mask.
  6. Go to the store and get some clothing worthy of the VR.
  7. Assemble!

Now that you’re a total bad ass, you can party like a rock star. You’re sure to be the center of attention for any Halloween (or other) event that you go to! And don’t forget:pics, or it didn’t happen! Tweet us at @planetside2 or hit us up on Facebook with you in your own PlanetSide 2 costume.