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Increase your Battle Prowess with Implants

Looking for a way to enhance your battlefield abilities? A slight advantage can sometimes make the difference between a strategic success and catastrophic failure. PlanetSide 2 now has implants available which will give you that edge!

Simple to get and even simpler to use, here are just a few examples of what you can get:
Enhanced Targeting: This is what you’ll start with and displays a HUD health bar when aiming at a spotted enemy.

  • EOD HUD: Tired of eating C4 blasts? This will display enemy explosives on your HUD.
  • Safe Landing: You take enough damage on the battlefield. Why take more from falling?
  • Regeneration: Slowly regenerate your health and stay alive longer.
  • Marker: Auto spotting enemies will make you extremely popular to your allies.
  • Sensor Shield: Move carefully and you’ll be completely invisible to Scout Radar. Makes a perfect combination with a good sniper rifle.

These can be equipped in individual loadouts and will require a Charger to power them. Fortunately you can find both available either in the Depot or from random drops during combat.

Want to learn more? Be sure to check out the Wikia page on Implants and let us know what you think on the Official Forums!