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Military Gamers is Reporting for Duty

SOE is working on something BIG! As you probably know, we’re all gamers here. We also like to think of our players as our extended family. That’s why this year we’re teaming up in the most epic of ways – to raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network charity via Extra Life’s 24-hour gaming marathon. Through this endeavor we can all work together (and have fun) with the ultimate prize of helping children in need. You can learn more about our contributions and how to get involved here.

This week we introduce you to the honorable Military Gamers. Yes, that’s right – we’re not the only ones joining this worthy fight. After all, it’s not something we could do alone. There are lots of kids out there who need help – and they’re in all of our neighborhoods.

Military Gamers

In fact, that’s the reason many men and women join the U.S. military – to serve their country, and that includes the people who live in it. Military Gamers started out as a place to bring together gamers who were or are in the United States military. Now they’ve grown to over 2,300 members and span over fifteen major games. They’ve been known to be quite charitable, too. They offer veteran support, PTSD outreach, and a lot more.

As a bonus (and to help keep everyone awake during the long 24-hour gaming session) Military Games is hosting a TeamSpeak channel for this special SOE Play It Forward - Extra Life event. The channel opens October 18, 2014 and runs until the end of the event (October 26, 2014). To get in, go to and click on the TS3 tab at the top. Alternately, in TeamSpeak, you can use the following address to gain access: No password will be needed to join. For more details or to ask questions, go here.

You can be a part of this great cause, too. Join our team in helping sick children get the care and resources that they need. You can also donate via our Extra Life team page. All proceeds go to helping kids in need. Together, we can show our support by doing something we all love – playing video games!  This time your raid could really be saving lives! Now them’s some good feels, bro.