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Auraximas Season is Here!

All PC servers will come down for the Auraximas update tomorrow, Wednesday, December 16, at
6:00 AM PST (3:00 PM CET). Downtime is expected to last up to 2 hours.

Our PS4 submission issue has been resolved, all PS4 servers will come down on Wednesday, December 16, at 8:00 AM PST (5:00 PM CET) as previously scheduled. 


Bundle up and bunker down, soldiers, the 2020 Auraximas update is incoming for the holidays!

The most wonderful time of the year means a wealth of wintry goodies and festive events, starting with new Holiday Missions, Auraximas Directive, and our annual Snowman hunt! Sanctuary has received a merry makeover, while holiday-themed equipment and items can be collected or acquired from the Depot.

Read on for all the Auraximas activities sleigh-bound this season!


Snowmen are back on the battlefield! The frostiest faction are appearing across Auraxis once again, offering bonus XP to the intrepid winter warriors who hunt them down. You'll also find a deployable Tactical Snowman in your infantry tactical slot - deploy this frigid fighter to protect you from incoming threats. Stay frosty and you might even happen upon the elusive Golden Snowman, who offers a rare special surprise!


Our favorite Auraximas party is about to get started - no RSVP required! Simply join us in Sanctuary, which has been decorated most festively with holiday cheer.

Holiday lighting, music, laurels (mistletoe? mistletoe!) and much more have gone into planning this year's festivities - you can even find hidden presents and claim an event reward once a day while the party lasts! 


It is the giving season, and our generous vendors on Sanctuary are most thankful for your service - that means new daily missions and updated challenges that offer special rewards!

In addition, each of these completed missions contribute to the new Auraximas 2020 Holiday Directive, which will run for the duration of the holiday event.


Even our corporate patrons at Nanite Systems are feeling the holiday cheer, and that means new seasonal gear like gift-wrapped C4 and cookie-box themed ammunition packs! 

Along with all of our Auraximas deals, you'll find plenty of new stocking stuffers at the Depot, including Snowflake Lumifibers, Northwind Tire Trails, and a stocking-full of holiday horns, camos, weapons, and cosmetics!

The 2020 Auraximas game update also introduces plenty of bug fixes, balance adjustments, and other improvements. Head over to the forums for full patch notes.

There's no time like the holidays, soldiers, and we are most grateful to be celebrating another Auraximas with all of you. Share your favorite Auraximas doings and deeds with the Rogue Planet team on Twitter, Facebook, or the official forums!