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The Colossus Update is Ready to Roll Out!

It's an all-new age for PlanetSide 2, soldier! While the mighty Bastion Fleet Carrier reigns supreme over the skies of Auraxis, a powerful new weapon of war is ready to challenge its dominance on the battlefield: the Colossus Heavy Tank. 

The Colossus is a massive, multi-crew battle tank capable of filling multiple combat roles among your combined forces. After extensive field testing on PTS, the Colossus Tank rolls out today on live servers as part of a major update that also features an all-new weapon, War Assets, Merit Deployables, Outfit features, and a host of bug fixes and gameplay improvements.

Read on for everything you need to know about today's game update!


This gargantuan addition to the PlanetSide 2 armored motorpool is an army unto itself. Seating up to 5 players, the Colossus Tank is at its best with a full allied crew to man its primary Mammoth Cannon and 4 customizable support turrets. 

While fully capable of spearheading a heavy armor assault on a fortified position, the Colossus fills a unique anti-air role as a Bastion deterrent. Its Skylance Battery deployed state fires a charged particle that can target Bastion weakpoints or enemy ESF from any range. It also enjoys added protection beneath a cortium-powered bubble shield capable of withstanding bombardment from the Bastion's Mauler Cannons. But be wary of the Skylance Cannon's raw power - it deals damage back onto itself every time it fires! 

Generated using the War Asset system, the Colossus can be pulled and customized on an individual basis using accrued Merit. It has undergone significant community testing on PTS, and we'll continue to monitor feedback on live servers.


The Colossus update also introduces the NS-66 Punisher, a next-gen SMG built for close-quarter combat. The Punisher comes equipped with an in-built underbarrel that defaults to fire standard fragmentation grenades, but can be adapted to fire class-specific ammunition types:

  • EMP (Infiltrator) - Destroys deployables and scrambles HUD.
  • Impulse (Light Assault) - Knocks back enemies and the user on impact.
  • Enhancement (Engineer) - Mechanical targets receive increased maximum health and a repair over time.
  • Havoc (Heavy Assault) - Renders mechanical targets immune to repair effects for a time.
  • Cleanse (Combat Medic) - Heals over time and removes slow/blind/concussion effects.

This versatile weapon provides unique support and offensive capabilities for each infantry class, making it an essential addition to your faction arsenal.  



Facility Modules expand upon the War Asset system by offering strategic defense and infrastructure upgrades for your allied bases and facilities. As with other War Assets, your Outfit can use accrued resources to craft and deploy Facility Modules that modify your Empire's strengths and capabilities within that region. 

Current Facility Modules include:

  • Phalanx Auto-Repair - Phalanx turrets installed at this base will repair themselves over time, even when destroyed or under attack.
  • Infantry Health Regen - While in the region, allied soldiers gain passive health regeneration.
  • Light Vehicle Discount - Harasser assault buggies and Flash ATVs cost 30% less Nanites when pulled from this facility.
  • Support Vehicle Discount - Sunderers and ANTs cost 30% less Nanites when pulled from this facility.
  • Mobile Armor Discount - Lightnings and Main Battle Tanks cost 30% less Nanites when pulled from this facility.
  • Light Aircraft Discount - Empire Specific Fighters and Valkyrie Aircraft cost 30% less Nanites when pulled from this facility.
  • Heavy Aircraft Discount - Liberator Gunships and Galaxy Air Transports cost 30% less Nanites when pulled from this facility.
  • Phalanx Combat Improvements - Phalanx turrets at the facility gain infrared zoom optics and can fire for longer before overheating

We will continue to expand and modify available War Assets and Facility Modules with future updates.


The Colossus update also celebrates the 17th franchise anniversary of PlanetSide with the addition of the all-new NS-03 Thumper SE, a special edition of the Thumper heavy grenade launcher! It comes equipped with an anti-infantry fragmentation payload, and has access to multiple specialized munition types. This weapon also contributes progress to the Exceptional III directive line, and can be acquired directly from the in-game Depot.

There's plenty more in store for you with this update, including the addition of Outfit Logs, a new tool for Outfit leaders and members to track Outfit activity. Check out the full patch notes to read up on all the new features and fixes coming to Live servers today!

What are you most excited for in the Colossus update, soldier? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or the official forums