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The Colossal Bundle and Special Edition Thumper are now available in the Depot!

The Colossus Update is LIVE, and that means there's an all-new massive Battle Tank for you to arm and deploy for Empire and glory!
The Colossus Tank is a 5-player vehicle, but it can be pulled and customized on an individual basis using Merit. The Colossal Bundle (5999 DBC) offers a variety of weapons and cosmetics for this new Tank in all faction variants (NC, TR, VS, and NSO), from plating and trim to an array of weaponry for each of its mannable turrets. Check out the full offer below.
But that's not all! Today's update also introduces the NS-03 Thumper SE (1499 DBC), a special edition of the Thumper Heavy Grenade Launcher that celebrates the 17th anniversary of PlanetSide! It comes equipped with an anti-infantry fragmentation payload, and has access to multiple specialized munitions. It also contributes progress to the Exceptional III directive line. Along with the Colossal Bundle, it can be acquired directly from the in-game Depot.
The Colossal Bundle - 5999 DBC
  • Colossus Nomad Plating (Common Pool Exterior)
  • Colossus Profile Banners (VS/NC/TR/NSO)
  • Colossus Lumifiber Trim (VS/NC/TR/NSO)
  • Dingo ML-6 - Back Left (VS/NC/TR/NSO)
  • Dingo ML-6 - Back Right (VS/NC/TR/NSO)
  • M75 Fang - Front Left (VS/NC/TR/NSO)
  • M75 Fang - Front Right (VS/NC/TR/NSO)
  • M12 Goblin SP - Front Right (VS/NC/TR/NSO)
  • M12 Goblin SP - Front Left (VS/NC/TR/NSO)
  • M12 Goblin SP - Back Right (VS/NC/TR/NSO)
  • M12 Goblin SP - Back Left (VS/NC/TR/NSO)
  • M60 Pug - Front Right (VS/NC/TR/NSO)
  • M60 Pug - Front Left (VS/NC/TR/NSO)
  • M60 Pug - Back Right (VS/NC/TR/NSO)
  • M60 Pug - Back Left (VS/NC/TR/NSO)

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