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Join us on PTS and Earn a Free Analyst Helmet!

EDIT: The schedule and copy below has been updated to reflect today's playtests at 11AM PST and 4PM PST.

The Escalation Game Update is nearly upon us! Join us on the Public Test Server (PTS) this week for one *final* series of playtests during the times below and help us ready this massive update to roll out on Live servers:  

  • Wednesday, March 4: 11:00 AM PST - 1:00 PM PST (7:00 PM - 9:00 PM GMT)
  • Wednesday, March 4: 4:00 PM PST - 6:00 PM PST (12:00 AM - 2:00 AM GMT)

As a thank you for your participation, we're bringing back the Analyst Helmet (good for all VS/NC/TR characters) for everyone who logins during either playtest*! We need concentrated bodies to truly Test at scale - that means you! - and will grant the reward to participating accounts shortly after both playtests conclude.

If you're downloading the Public Test Server (PTS) for the first time, check out our Test server policies and how to patch here. We'll see you planetside soon, soldier!

*Note: Be sure to login on Test using the same account as you login on Live (aka the main game) as that account will be granted the item. You'll get access to the helmet for all characters (VS/NC/TR) on Live regardless of what faction you play on Test.

DEVELOPER UPDATE: Tuesday, March 3 (Patch Notes)

Below are the changes going into today's build for tomorrow's playtests:


  • Bastion attack waypoints no longer persist after the Bastion is destroyed.
  • Fixed an issue where multiple Bastions from the same faction could be present at the same time.
  • Added a transitional screen effect when launching from the Bastion into an Interceptor.
  • Added more descriptive names to Interceptor ESF variants.
  • Weakpoint explosions should now be easier to see on low graphical settings.
  • Bastion vehicle stats now have the expected information on the My Profile screen.

War Assets

  • Orbital Strikes now have updated visuals.
  • Adjusted sorting of Waypoint right-click menu.
  • ANVILs now use faction-specific colors.
  • New Outfit members now properly see the status of War Asset crafting that was in progress when they joined the Outfit.


  • Fixed a UI issue that could cause periodic framerate hitches for some players.
  • Test-server-only bundle for free outfit resources has been added back to the Sanctuary resource vendor.
  • Audio stingers no longer mute Sanctuary’s environment music when they’re done playing.
  • Fixed Sanctuary description on the World Map screen.
  • The Flail now uses the correct icon.
  • Fixed blue squares incorrectly appearing on the map and minimap for multiple Amp Stations across all continents.
  • Drop Pods now properly display visuals and audio for remote clients.

Depending on today's results, we may prepare another build for tomorrow's playtest at 11 AM PST / 7 PM GMT for our EU region players to participate. Also, all participants will receive the Analyst Helmet for joining at the specified times. They will be granted within a few days after the playtests.

I know I've said this many times, but THANK YOU SO MUCH for your patience and help continuing to refine the Escalation update.