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Incoming: Nanite Systems Operatives Now Available

Oops! Our PlanetSide 16th Anniversary email accidentally directed you to the wrong page - check out the PlanetSide 16th Anniversary Producer's Letter or Anniversary Update patch notes for full details. 

The 16th Anniversary Double XP event will run through 12AM PDT on May 25 - Quad XP for members on the final day! 


Nanite Systems is finally ready to unveil its line of remote-infantry combat units, called Nanite Systems Operatives, which are now available for use by each faction on a contractual basis. These combat units are manned by qualified Nanite Systems staff members who have gone through rigorous training and vetting. Staff members operate these units remotely out of the numerous Nanite Systems facilities located throughout and in-orbit over Auraxis. The robotic proxies are operated in shifts, and all Nanite Systems personnel work humane schedules.

Each time an Operative enters a new zone or continent, they will be put on assignment for the faction with the lowest population - these contracts always go out to the empire that has lost the most soldiers, helping to ensure that their populations will be more balanced in battle.

Due to their distinct training regimen and proprietary alignment with Nanite Systems, Operatives are only capable of using NS (common pool) weapons and vehicles. Any empire-specific weapons and vehicles will be off limits to unlock and equip. However, Operatives will be able to jump into empire-specific gunner vehicles that are pulled by soldiers of the faction that they are working for.

Operatives do have the ability to create and exist in an outfit with other soldiers, but remember - NS contracts come first for these units, so other members of the outfit could end up being on opposite sides of the war.

Please keep in mind that an All Access Membership is required to create a new Operative unit, and to continue employment under Nanite Systems. If membership lapses, a Nanite Systems Operative will be inaccessible until the membership is renewed.


We hope you enjoy your new partnership with Nanite Systems!