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A New Continent to Explore: Oshur

Yesterday, the PlanetSide 2 team announced the game's next continent: Oshur.

Oshur will consist of multiple islands that will harbor a wide variety of biomes including crystalline forests, tropical jungles, desolate sands, and even underground cave systems.

This wide range of terrain will include less bases than a typical continent, and will function to encourage a more logistical style of play. The unique islands will best be traversed by aircraft, which will put an emphasis on the importance of air combat. Construction will help you take control of the varied land, and will also be an instrumental part of winning battles for your faction.

A rough overhead view of Oshur

Each faction will deploy their forces to the islands using Bastion Fleet Carriers - warpgate technology is not available on this continent.

Exploring Oshur will also allow us to take a closer look at the previous inhabitants of Auraxis... it has been said that a strange Vanu technology may be hidden within the center of the continent. It seems like the land holds secrets to the past, and if you're the inquisitive type, there will be hidden areas for you to uncover.

A work-in-progress screenshot of Oshur

If you're looking for even more information on Oshur, you can watch the announcement from our developer livestream right here:

Oshur is still in the early stages of creation, but we want to share this process with all of you. We'll be providing updates about continent's development as we continue to make progress, so be sure to keep an eye out for news on Twitter, Facebook, and of course right here on the PS2 website.