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SolTech Server FAQ

The battlefields of SolTech are almost ready, soldiers! When the next game update hits, SolTech will become the newest PlanetSide 2 server based out of Tokyo, which will serve to give players in the Asia-Pacific region a better online gaming experience.


From when the SolTech server launches, players currently on the Connery server (US West) will have 30 days to decide whether they want to transfer their character on to SolTech.

To test out your experience connecting to the SolTech server, we suggest creating a new character and hopping into a few battles before you decide whether or not you want to transfer any of your main characters.

If you decide you'd like to transfer your character to SolTech, the option to "Change Server" will appear for characters that are tied to Connery. 

Selecting "Change Server" will lead you to a confirmation screen. You must click "Accept" will complete the transfer.

This is also the method you will use to transfer characters back from SolTech to Connery.

Characters will be transferable between SolTech and Connery during the 30 days after launch, but after that period ends your character will be locked to whatever server they are on, and additional character transfers will not be possible.




Will I lose the stats I’ve earned playing PlanetSide 2? 
Everything you’ve done in game will transfer with you including kills, score, etc…

Will I retain my items and certifications? 
All progress you’ve gained and items purchased will go with you to your new servers. 

What will happen to my outfit if only one/some of us decide to transfer? 

What happens if naming conflicts arise due to the transfers? 
Your character name is unique to your account and will remain the same. (Is this correct, and what about outfit naming conflicts?)

What will happen to my Friends List when I transfer?

Will there be an option to purchase server transfers in the future? 
We currently do not have plans to offer any server transfers beyond the SolTech-Connery transfers offered in the stated 30-day period.

What exactly happens to my character when the 30-day transfer period ends? 
Your character will become a permanent resident of whatever server they are on when transfers close.


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