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The Shattered Warpgate & Halloween Event Launch on PS4 This Monday, October 26!

We're excited to announce that The Shattered Warpgate game update is launching on PS4 this Monday, October 26!

Debuting on PC earlier this month, this massive update introduces a wealth of exciting new features and content to PS4, including the new Campaign system, Mission System, and remastered continent of Esamir. On top of all that, Monday's update also kicks off this year's installment of our popular Halloween event: Nanite of the Living Dead VII: The Seeds Must Flow. So gear up for the first story-driven Campaign in PS2 history and make ready for mischief, with Space Pumpkins, Galact-O-Lanterns, and an all-new Halloween Directive all scheduled to run on PS4 through Sunday, November 15.

Read on for all the Intel on Monday's game update!


At the heart of The Shattered Warpgate update is our Campaign System, which introduces new open-world storytelling experiences that unfold across multiple chapters. Players will take part in unique, lore-driven Campaign Missions during each Chapter, earning thematic rewards for successful completion. The first Campaign will run for 3 months (1 month per Chapter), though the scope and scale of future Campaigns may change as we iterate off player feedback.

The Shattered Warpgate Campaign tells the story of a cataclysmic environmental event on Esamir triggered by the seismic detonation of the Continent's Northeastern Warpgate. Nanite Systems spearheads the investigation into the mystery behind the event, enlisting the help of soldiers from all Empires to mitigate the disaster. As an investigator, you will be tasked with exploring the origins and impact of the Warpgate's destruction, discovering new revelations and dangers along the way. Can you solve the mystery of The Shattered Warpgate?

Players can opt-in to the Campaign either via Membership (unlocks automatically) or by using Certs (full Cert costs can be found in the patch notes

This is just our first Campaign, with future Campaigns set to pickup the story while permanently evolving the world and gameplay of PlanetSide 2, offering new rewards along the way.


The first thing you'll notice in this update is the dramatic transformation Esamir has undergone. It has been many years since the frigid tundra of this classic continent had a facelift, and this update aims to expand, alter, and improve its visual and geographic landscape.

With the destruction of the Northeastern Warpgate, the resulting explosion has revealed the remains of a mysterious and ancient Vanu superstructure that stands time-frozen beneath a great vortex of swirling energy. The devastation has dramatically altered the landscape: tech failures, derelict bases and vehicles, bursting energy geysers, glacial ice flows and strange new alien plant life now litter the land. 

Even the skies glow anew with Auroras and crackling energy, casting a strange green pallor across the battlefield.

In the aftermath of this cataclysmic event, Nanite Systems have unveiled The Haven, the first mobile Warpgate, replacing the now-destroyed Warpgate in a new location to the East. These environmental changes are more than just visual - the Lattice itself has been reconfigured, bases altered or abandoned, and the sudden appearance of a powerful energy storm adds a new threat to contend with...

The mysteries behind these dramatic changes can only be unraveled by completing story missions from the first Campaign, which delves into the origins of the Warpgate's explosion, and uncover the dangerous forces seeking to manipulate the endless planetary war on Auraxis.


Underpinning the Campaign system is our dynamic new Mission system, introducing daily quests and challenges to PlanetSide 2 that can be completed for rewards. While Campaigns offer unique Story Missions, every player regardless of rank will have access to a regular Mission Board in Sanctuary that resets daily. New Missions are available in a variety of rarities which represent difficulty, time investment, and reward levels. Members will automatically be granted additional daily Mission unlocks, though all players will have the option to choose which Missions they undertake on any given day.

You can check out the Mission pool in the patch notes, or peruse the Mission Board in Sanctuary at your own pace as you seek out new challenges and rewards! 


The most profound environmental change to the Continent of Esamir is the introduction of a roaming energy storm, the first hazard of its kind in PlanetSide 2. Attracted to mechanical signatures, the storm targets areas on the map where action is heaviest, putting players - particularly players in vehicles - in danger from powerful lightning bolts. The storm's energy can also impact vehicle handling, though its affects can be escaped or alleviated entirely by sheltering in buildings or leaving its confines. Players will also gain new items and abilities to negate and even harness the storm's energy over the course of the first Campaign, including Insulated Vehicle Armor, Lightning Grenades, and the Lightning Arrester deployable.

This is a major change and we'll be carefully monitoring its impact on gameplay, adjusting the strength, speed and effects of the storm based on player feedback. 


That sinister chill crawling up your spine can only mean one thing, soldier - from Monday, October 26 through through Sunday, November 15Nanite of the Living Dead will rise once more on PS4 to haunt the continents of Auraxis!

Our annual Halloween event is back and bigger than ever, with Space Pumpkins, an all-new Seasonal Directive, and a bevy of special treats available to earn or purchase from the Depot. Even Sanctuary has been outfitted for spooky season, so load up your Ectoblaster and make ready for mischief, those Galact-O-Lanterns won't hunt themselves!

Nanite of the Living Dead VII: The Seeds Must Flow starts Monday on PS4 and will run through Sunday, November 15.

These are just a few of the many highlights coming with this update - additional new features include new weapons and equipment like the Icepick Melee Weapon, Sanctuary Improvements like Cross-Faction Text Chat, Outfit Resource Rebalancing, Indar Terrain Improvements, and much more. Full patch notes are available over in the PS4 section of the Forums.

Are you ready to explore the mysteries of The Shattered Warpgate on PS4, or get your Space Pumpkin hunt started? Drop us a line on Twitter, Facebook, or the Official Forums!