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Nanite of the Living Dead VII: The Seeds Must Flow

That sinister chill crawling down your spine can only mean one thing, soldier - from Wednesday, October 14 through Sunday, November 1, Nanite of the Living Dead will rise once more to haunt the continents of Auraxis!

Our annual Halloween event is back and bigger than ever, with Space Pumpkins, an all-new Seasonal Directive, and a bevy of special treats available to earn or purchase from the Depot. Even Sanctuary has been outfitted for spooky season, so load up your Ectoblaster and make ready for mischief, those Galact-O-Lanterns won't hunt themselves!

Nanite of the Living Dead VII: The Seeds Must Flow starts today on PC and runs through November 1, before coming to PS4 later this month for an extended event duration. 

The party starts in Sanctuary, where even the vendors have dressed for the occasion! Ghouls, ghosts, and ghastly surprises abound at this monster mash, so make sure you're appropriately kitted for the masquerade. Small talk is its own reward - a variety of Halloween Masks can be earned by talking to certain vendors, and equipping any Halloween Mask will award bonus XP throughout the duration of the event!


Space Pumpkins and the elusive Galact-O-Lanterns are back and spawning all across Auraxis! Smash these pumpkins to earn XP and extra rewards in the form of Infernal Grenades, which can in turn be used to earn bonus XP and Directive progress. But be wary of where you trick-or-treat this year, soldier, for some Pumpkins are equipped to offer even more explosive surprises...

Kills with any Halloween weapon also award Hallow Ribbons, providing extra bonus XP:

  • Ectoblaster
  • Slasher
  • Auraxium Slasher
  • LB00 Python
  • Infernal Grenades
  • NS Candy Cannon 3000


Complete the all-new Halloween VII Directive for new rewards, seasonal items, ISO-4, and more!

Tier 1

  • Speak to FL-34 in the Data Exchange on Sanctuary
  • Speak to Foster in the Sanctuary Observation Deck
  • Speak to Nalla in the Expedition shop on Sanctuary
  • Find and speak to a sketchy looking guard on Sanctuary

Tier 2-4

  • Slashing Pumpkins - Destroy Space Pumpkins, Galact-O-Lanterns kills are worth 10 kills toward this directive.
  • Masked Murder - Kill enemies while wearing a Halloween Mask.
  • Necromancer - Revive allies.
  • Witchy Ways - Earn heal/resupply/repair experience.
  • Silver for Monsters - Use melee weapons to kill enemies who are wearing Halloween Masks or Facepaint.
  • Hallowed Ground - Earn kills while near a Mining Drill, Bastion Fleet Carrier, or in The Shattered Warpgate area.


  • Tier 1 - Ichabod Crown, Infernal Grenade
  • Tier 2 - Ectoblaster, 100 Certs
  • Tier 3 - 450 A7, 100 ISO-4
  • Tier 4 - Title: Creepy, Halloween VII Banner, 500 ISO-4


The Depot has been restocked with a series of special themed cosmetics only available for the duration of this event!

  • Flamerider Tire Trails (Flash/Harasser) - Sport burning trails of fire on the wheels of your vehicle.
  • Green Wisp Tire Trails (Flash/Harasser/ANT/Sunderer) - Green floating spirits follow your vehicle around the battlefield.
  • Holiday Horns - A variety of spooky Halloween themed vehicle horns are available.
  • Holiday Helmets - Special costume helmets are available.
  • The Slasher - Melee weapon.
  • L-B00 Python AP - A holiday-themed version of the Lightning’s Python AP main cannon.
  • NS Candy Cannon 3000 - Fires candy corn, the hardest substance on the planet.
  • Halloween Camos - Various Halloween-related camouflage has been made available.

Settle your nerves, soldier, all the intel you'll need to survive these horrors can be found over in the patch notes. Nanite of the Living Dead VII: The Seeds Must Flow is live in-game starting today, so get a head start on your Devil's Night revelries and start smashing those pumpkins!