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Get Lucky on the Battlefield!

This weekend, celebrate the luck of the Amerish Irish with a pot of special St. Patrick's Day goodies!

If you've been searching for a four-leaf clover, we might be able to help you find some of that wealth you've been looking for. From March 15th through March 17th, ALL players will earn Double XP!

Need to add some green to your arsenal? You can pick up these limited-time holiday items in the Depot!

  • Shamrock Decal
  • Leprechaun Decal
  • ANT Lucky Tire Trails 
  • Sunderer Lucky Tire Trails 
  • NS "Jackpot" Decimator 
  • St. Patrick's Day Bundle (Includes all of the items listed above!)

Lucky Tire Trails

But that's not all we've got in store - if your eyes glimmer at the thought of gold, this new round of weapons might suit your tastes! This year we've added special "Jackpot" edition pistols for each faction that all contribute to the Exceptional II directive:

  • The "Jackpot" Cerberus for the Vanu Sovereignty
  • The LA3 "Jackpot" Desperado for the New Conglomerate
  • The TX2 "Jackpot" Emperor for the Terran Republic


Which one of these festive items is your lucky charm? Share a picture with us on Twitter or Facebook!