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PS4 Recruits ? Get Your Advanced Intel Bundle Now!


Head to the Depot on your PlayStation 4® and pick up one of three Advanced Intel Bundles, available now! These three bundles – one for each empire – cost 1497 Battle Cash (and don’t forget: members get 10% off) and each contains one light machine gun (LMG) and two vehicle weapons.

Here’s what’s included in each bundle:

Advanced Intel Bundle: New Conglomerate

  • NC6S Gauss SAW S (Light Machine Gun)
  • Enforcer ML65-H (Vehicle – Harasser)
  • C85 Canister-H (Vehicle – Harasser)

Advanced Intel Bundle: Vanu Sovereignty

  • Flare VE6 (Light Machine Gun)
  • Proton II PPA-H (Vehicle – Harasser)
  • Saron HRB-H (Vehicle – Harasser)

Advanced Intel Bundle: Terran Republic

  • T16 Rhino (Light Machine Gun)
  • G20 Vulcan-H (Vehicle – Harasser)
  • P525 Marauder-H (Vehicle – Harasser)

Get to the depot, purchase your Advanced Intel Bundle, and then get back to the battle. Your fellow soldiers need you out there on Auraxis!