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Expedition Oshur arrives on PS4

Rally your squad, it's time to tread water on Oshur

The latest massive-scale continent on PC is making its way to PlayStation 4. 


Diverse Gameplay

Oshur fosters a variety of gameplay to suit all forms of tactics on the battlefield. Trident Relay capture points tower over the sea making it necessary for air support while open fields and sandy beaches bring out the best of heavy armored combat. The islands of Oshur have lush tropical flora that provides excellent cover for the stealthiest of infiltrators. There are also many construction location opportunities for those wanting to protect forward advancements.


Rally at the Flotilla

Start the expedition on your faction's Flotilla. Heavy anti-air turrets will ensure safe travels as you traverse the waters with your sunderer, harasser, javelin or flash atv. Enemies be warned, each Flotilla is armed with a Particle Projection Cannon ready to shred the most skillful of ESF pilots.


Water Gameplay

Travel to your destination underwater! Some of the biggest additions to this update are the new water mechanics. Wheeled vehicles float along the surface and air vehicles can soar beneath the water line. Some pilots are even taking to the waters to perform evasive maneuvers in dogfights! 

Don't fancy vehicular transportation? Want to trek it on foot? Infantry and treaded vehicles can travel on the ocean floor, just be sure to keep an eye out for some interesting corals and structures!


Underwater Weapons

Seize your enemies with new underwater weapons.

- UBR-100 Frogman - Unlocked by completing the first tier of the Conquest Oshur directive.
- UBR-150 Sea Lion - Unlocked with Certs or DBC.
- UBR-300 Swordfish - Unlocked by completing Chapter 02 of the Distant Shores campaign.
- UBP-1 Starfish - Unlocked by completing the Distant Shores campaign.


New Facilities

Interlink Outpost

Increase your Empire Strength by controlling an Interlink Outpost.


Trident Relay

Cut off enemy lattice advancement by controlling Trident Relays.


New Campaign Chapter Distant Shores, Chapter 02


New Directives


Unlock the new UBR-100 Frogman by completing the first tier of the Conquest - Oshur directive. Up for a challenge? Try earning the Paradise Camo upon completing the Master tier. 


Oshur Release Date for PS4

Oshur will be arriving to PS4 on: Wednesday, Mar. 23.

To celebrate the launch of Oshur, we will be auto-unlocking the continent from Wednesday March 23rd through Sunday March 27.

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