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Hook, Line, and Sinker

Hey there, folks.

In my view, PlanetSide 2 has always been a game about possibility. With a wealth of playstyles, from boots on the ground infantry, to armored vehicle specialists, to elite fighter pilots, and supportive construction specialists, we make an effort to ensure that every player who sets foot in this game has a niche to call their own. Sadly, one segment of the playerbase has gone underserved for the entirety of the game's almost 10 years of life. We'd like to change that. Players who prefer non-combat roles, or are staunch supporters of pacifism amidst the battleworn landscapes, should finally be granted a well-deserved reprieve from the war on Auraxis.

When this update rolls around, we will be taking our first steps toward introducing the serene art of fishing to PlanetSide 2.


Making Preparations

While on Sanctuary, speak to Representative Nalla to apply for the Auraxis Anglers Society, and unlock the NS NanoCaster tactical slot item.


Auraxis Anglers Society

The Auraxis Anglers Society operates on a "capture and document" policy, where participants compete to acquire NFTs (new fish targets) that have yet to be tagged.


Before you become a full fledged member, Nalla will ask you to prove your worth with various fishing-related tasks in the form of the new Gone Fishing directive line.


Taking the Bait

The NanoCaster can be used on any body of water to scan and document fish native to that environment.

Right-click will toss the NanoBobber into the body of water. The NanoBobber will attempt to lure aquatic creatures to the device. When the NanoBobber receives a "hit," left-click to "capture" that fish.


Permits and Competition

Upon completing the Gone Fishing directive, you will gain the ability to fish on certain continents during the appropriate seasons, provided your permits are paid for and up to date.

All continents have unique fish to discover, and fish size and weight leaderboards will be made available in the Sanctuary during each season.


Wen fishing?

We hope you're all excited as we are for this highly requested feature, and want to make sure we take the time to get it right.

Be sure to follow us on Twitter @planetside2, and be on the lookout for updates that may possibly discuss the implementation of this feature in some timeline.

-Wrel, Lead Angler