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St. Patrick's Day 2022

Bring some fortune to the battlefield this St. Patrick's Day with these new holiday weapons and cosmetics!


Wyrdwood Bundle - 1499 DBC

Sale ends 3/27

Stand your ground with the new Wyrdwood Caubeen and Wyrdwood Shillelagh!

(Available for all factions!) Here's what the bundle has to offer:
 - Title: Druid
 - Wyrdwood Outfit Decal
 - Wyrdwood Caubeen (Helmet - All Factions)
 - Wyrdwood Shillelagh (Melee Weapon)


(Wyrdwood Caubeen Helmet shown above)


2022 St. Patrick's Day Bundle - 3999 DBC

Sale ends 3/27

You won't need to find the end of a rainbow to hit the jackpot, just add this stylish new NS-44 Commissioner to your arsenal!

This is what the 2022 St. Patrick's Day Bundle has in store for you:

Lucky Banner Profile Banner
NS-44 "Jackpot" Commissioner
Shamrock Contrails
Green Afterburner
Danny Boy Horn

(NS-44 "Jackpot" Commissioner shown above.)


(Clover Camo, Shamrock Contrails and Green Afterburner effects shown above.)


The St. Patrick's Day update also brings bug fixes included the much requested deployable construction objects fix and more! Check the full patch notes here.

Want to know what's next? Check out our 2022 Roadmap here!


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See you next time, soldier!