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Surf and Storm launches July 13

Prepare to dive into our latest update, Surf and Storm launches July 13 on PC.

Here's what the next wave of content holds for you.


First-ever watercraft, the Corsair

Nanite Systems has dipped their toes into the naval vessel market with the new Corsair assault craft.

One driver, two gunners, and up to five additional passengers can set sail from any available Seapost.

This vehicle is currently only available on the continent of Oshur.



Utility: Fire Suppression, IR Chaff

Defense: Nanite Auto-Repair, Proximity Repair, Proximity Ammo Dispenser

Chassis: Speed Chassis, Scout Chassis, Agility Chassis

Weapons: M20 Basilisk, M60 Bulldog, Dingo ML-6, C2-20 HCG (NSO), M18 Palisade-C (TR), N30 Trawler-C (NC), V42 Pariah-C (VS)

Special: Squad-spawn Capable, Catapult System


Catapult System

Allies in the last 5 seats of the vehicle have access to a unique Catapult System that can launch them from the vehicle.

Soldiers hurled through the air land safely on impact.


Underwater Combat

Seaposts have been added throughout Oshur, with underwater capture points to wrest control over. Most infantry and MAX anti-infantry weapons have been enabled for underwater combat on Oshur.


Propel yourself along the coral beds with the new Diver Propulsion Device, unlocked from the Tactical Slot.


Outfit Wars Returns!

The Outfit versus Outfit tournament makes a triumphant return on Nexus.

This year's Outfit Wars enters a 1v1 format, and even allows you to fight your own faction for the first time. On Nexus, it's a fight for territory control over nine snow-capped bases during a 45 minute alert. Hold the most territory, or cut off a faction's Warpgate to dominate the victory.

Each match has a limited pool of "bracket points" teams can earn by holding territory, which break win/loss record ties, and help determine who will fight who.

Enlistment phase begins August 3rd.


And more...

Bug fixes for long-standing issues, Summer Directive part 2, a major revisit to Oshur's layout and lattice, and way more arrive with this new update. Be on the lookout for patch notes arriving tomorrow!