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Ultimate Empire Showdown - Camikaze78 Interview

Welcome soldier!

The Ultimate Empire Showdown, our 10th Anniversary mega event begins Sunday 11/20! Watch it live on our Twitch account! Today we are honored to interview the captain of the New Conglomerate, Camikaze78!


Hello Camikaze78!

Players looking for weapon guides, event coverage, PlanetSide 2 update info and more won’t be disappointed with your content on Youtube! Can you give us a rundown on how your Planetside 2 content evolved over the years?

Certainly! When I started making content for this game (also 10 years ago, time flies huh?), I clearly didn't really have much an idea of what I was doing. But as Planetside 2 has continued to mature, I feel my content has done so accordingly.

If you go back and look at my really old content (I don't recommend this, by the way), you'll find choppy video quality, stammering voice overs, ugly overlays and info-graphics, the works. But through just getting started, and just trying to make content, I found something I was passionate about. And I began to learn a whole lot about content creation. I'd like to think my content has... matured, a lot of the years. I have always aimed to bring a high-end production quality to the content I create, and by pushing the limits as to what "high" production quality looks like - I've been able to achieve videos that I would've never once attempted.

An example of this would be the weapon tier lists we've done... Those videos are comprised of over 100 photoshop files alone. They are monumental undertakings, but I love making them because it's a challenge for me creatively. And I think through challenging myself constantly, it has allowed my content to become what it is today.


What are some of the key elements of PlanetSide 2 that spark ideas for new content?

For one, the freedom that the game offers. There's so many ways to play the game, and so many ways to build your classes around your preferred playstyle. Such freedom has been the fuel for one of my more successful series on the channel, the "Time To Gear Up" series, where I take weird and whacky loadout challenges from the community. We've had some true doozies there in the past.

The game is constantly changing as well, which never leaves me short of ideas for informative content. I'm an infantry main for sure, so diving into the depths of how balance changes impact the game, and how it shifts the meta of infantry gameplay is something I always enjoy. The elements of Planetside 2's gunplay has always made for an interesting discussion point as well through my years of making content.

Additionally, the presence of 3 factions (plus the angry toasters) mean there's never a shortage of weapons and gear to discuss in the game. After all this time, there's still stuff I haven't been able to make content for because there's only so many hours in the day.


What do you feel is the lure in PlanetSide 2 that sets it apart from any other game?

Without a doubt, the "spectacle" of the game. There's no other First Person Shooter game out there that offers battles on this scale, and Planetside 2 has continued to provide that selling point since its release. There are still moments to this day where I sorta turn off my brain and just enjoy the carnage that is unfolding in front of me.

Sure, I may mostly be in the "must get clips and content" mentality these days, but there are times where this game continues to make me go "wow". The Guinness World Record attempt that took place in 2015 was definitely one of those moments, and to see the community come together to achieve that was pretty special.

That's a good way to segue to the community side of things, actually. The community of this game is one of the most passionate I know, and being a part of it in this way has been truly special. When the community put their mind to something, it gets done. Years ago, I reached out to the official Briggs server subreddit seeking assistance from all 3 factions for a video - that filming session turned into a 3-faction cease fire comprising of approximately 70 people. An incredible moment of collaboration, something that this community is great at accomplishing.

Something also needs to be said for the social aspect of Planetside 2 from a gameplay perspective. While I may be a solo player today, I used to be a regular squad and platoon leader for a couple of outfits on Briggs before eventually landing in Phoenix Syndicate (once Aegis 7 for any old Briggs players reading this), which continues to be my home Outfit today. Being able to squad up with a bunch of mates, and accomplish impossible base captures/defenses was once the highlight of my afternoons after coming home from a school day. And yes, I said school. It's been 10 years, remember...


What are your top 3 favorite gameplay mechanics in PlanetSide 2?

Not to sound like too much of an infantry main here - but I am a BIG fan of the core gunplay in this game. Everything from your Time to Kill, the recoil mechanics, the bloom mechanics, all of it. It creates a relatively approachable gunplay system, but at the same time, has a deep enough skill curve that lets you really grow as a player. It's one of the things that has kept me coming back over the years.

I must also admit, I am a real sucker for Light Assault gameplay. Zipping around the map using base jump pads as momentum, unlocking the possibilities that come from the "Impulse" tech that been added to the game lately, and just being a cheeky bugger around towers has always been a great time.

I also must pay homage to the Squad and Platoon mechanics in the game. While it's not necessarily a mechanic I use as much nowadays, it was definitely the core of a LOT of my early Planetside 2 days. I am interested in seeing how the system continues to evolve in the future.


The Ultimate Empire Showdown is this weekend! What can the community expect to see from the NC?

Lot's of teamkilling and bonus cheques... I'm kidding of course. Much like the NC's weaponry, the NC will be bringing the hurt this weekend. Our faction will be swinging hard and fast to knock out our opponents across all the modes. But above all else, we'll be having a good time while we do it.


From new players to returning vets, how would you welcome anyone looking to get into Auraxis after witnessing the Ultimate Empire Showdown event?

With open arms, of course! My advice to all new players joining the game is to take your time. Understand you will die a lot, and understand that not all fights are equal, sometimes it is best to find a new fight over slogging it out, never getting out of the spawn room. Seek out a squad to join, and get some assistance from more experienced planetmen and women, many of which are more than happy to help.


Thank you Camikaze78 for taking some time to chat with us!


Thank you for stopping by, soldier. Be sure to Like us on Facebook and Follow Us on Twitter for more updates!

- Mithril, PlanetSide 2 CM