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Valentine's Day Events - 2022

It's the season for love and FL-34 has just the right gift for you!

Valentine's Day Events from Feb. 09 - Feb. 14

Matchmaker Missions: Up to two Matchmaker missions will appear in your list each day, providing progress in the Valentine's Day directive tree... as well as making someone feel loved and appreciated.
Valentine's Day Directive: This special event has its own directive, rewarding the "Lovestruck" title on completion.
Holiday Items: A lovely list of war implements and camouflage are making a return for this event, as well as some new items listed below!


Seraphim HLX Heavy Crossbow - 1499 DBC


Lovestruck Bundle - 2999 DBC

Catch the Seraphim HLX, and loads of cosmetic goodies in this sweet new bundle.
 - Seraphim HLX
 - Heartless Outfit Decal
 - Dark Chocolate Camo
 - Mosquito Pink Afterburner FX
 - Scythe Pink Afterburner FX
 - Reaver Pink Afterburner FX
 - Dervish Pink Afterburner FX
 - Liberator Pink Afterburner FX
 - Valkyrie Cupid Contrails
 - Liberator Cupid Contrails
 - Galaxy Cupid Contrails
 - Mosquito Cupid Contrails
 - Scythe Cupid Contrails
 - Reaver Cupid Contrails
 - Dervish Cupid Contrails

Shown: Pink Afterburner FX on the Liberator.

For the latest Valentine's Day Event update info, check the patch notes here.

We also have a Lunar New Year sale going on now until Feb 28th! You can read up about it here.