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World Domination Series Pre-season Winners!

The PlanetSide 2 World Domination Series Pre-season event has come to an end. We’ve had many hours battling and fighting for our empires so that we might call ourselves, the “Skirmisher” and flaunt that precious WDS empire specific decal.

Let’s take a look at the Final Scores…

Final Scores:
VS: 2,691,569
TR: 2,491,987
NC: 2,381,842

Great job everyone and congratulations to the Vanu Soveriegnity for all their hard work! We hope that you enjoy your new title, “Skirmisher,” and your exclusive empire specific decal!


Thank you to everyone participating and to everyone giving feedback while we refined the scoring system. Congratulations again to the World Domination Series Pre-season champions, the Vanu Soveriegnity!

Keep up the great work soldiers! As the other Empires attempt to rebuild to their former glory, preparations are being made for a special Anniversary Edition of the WDS this November. We’ll see you next season with even more challenges, rewards, and fun to be had!

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