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May 04, 2022 - Codex and Navigation (PC Update)

All PC servers will be offline for the following update, May 04, at 6:00am PT (3:00pm CEST). Downtime is expected to last up to two hours.

Notes on Network Issues

Connery Latency Issues: As of 10:30pm PT, May. 02, we have made revisions to the network infrastructure surrounding the Connery server. The goal with these changes are to, at minimum, cross certain factors off our list during the investigation into Connery's latency problems. The best case scenario would be that the changes resolve the current issues.

We'd like to encourage folks to play on Connery tonight (and post update) and send CS report tickets for issues if they continue to occur ( As a reminder, we're looking for your character name, server, time of incident, ISP, and PC specs.

G15 errors: As of this update, all gateways will have received the modifications discussed in the recent dev letter. The G15 issues continue to be investigated, but they should be less frequent overall, and keep impacted players out of the game for less time as well.

Codex System and Main Navigation

In this release, we've made a variety of updates to the UI, including an all-new Codex System that acts as an in-game wiki for mechanics, lore, and other useful knowledge. This new screen is accessible from the "hamburger menu" dropdown in the top-right corner.

The Main Navigation menu has also received a number of changes to modernize the look. The top right corner houses boosts, currency, and settings options, while the top left shows your player-card, experience to next level, and directive score. Additionally, the directive score can be clicked on to send you right to the Directives page (without going through Missions or Campaign,) and clicking elsewhere on the player-card will send you to the My Character screen where you can customize your profile banner, title, and more.


VS Directive Weapon Adjustments

Updates to usability here bridge the gap between what felt off about the first pass, and how we'd like these weapons to perform overall. Heat weapons don't use traditional short/long reloads, and only use their overheat value for a reload (this is an unresolved issue with all heat weapons with a manual reload,) and we've brought the directive weapon overheat values in line with those weapons' short reloads.

Darkstar (VS Assault Rifle)

  • Reload/Overheat penalty from 2.2sec. to 1.75sec.
  • Shots until overheat from 24 to 27.

Eclipse VE3A (VS Carbine)

  • Reload/Overheat penalty from 2.28sec. to 1.65sec.
  • Shots until overheat from 24 to 27.

The Immortal (VS Sidearm)

  • Reload/Overheat penalty from 1.75sec. to 1.45sec.
  • Shots before overheat from 14 to 16.

Revenant (VS Scout Rifle)

  • Reload/Overheat penalty from 2.6sec. to 2sec.
  • Shots before overheat from 16 to 18.
  • Fixed an issue with the audio playing the "low ammo warning" when firing.

Parsec VX3-A (VS Sniper Rifle)

  • Reload/Overheat penalty from 5.575sec. to 3.86sec.

Chaos (VS Shotgun)

  • Reload/Overheat penalty from 3.22sec. to 2.1sec.
  • Shots before overheat from 6 to 7

Skorpios (VS SMG)

  • Reload/Overheat penalty remains at 1.74sec.
  • Shots before overheat from 20 to 25.

Dev Note: To replace some of the built-in function of the previous Vented Power Core, it's been given minor mag size benefit despite the heat standardization, and kept the added recoil penalty from Vented Power Core in exchange.

Betelgeuse 54-A (VS LMG)

  • Reload/Overheat penalty from 3.44 to 3sec.
  • Shots before overheat from 40 to 45.

Dev Note: Realistically, the Betelgeuse didn't need any buffs, and this change is only to bring back a portion of its "LMG high-mag" feel, that was remarked on as missing by players. It may receive drawbacks in other areas in the future.

Explosive Ammunition

Explosive Ammunition now has a standardized effect, impacting the following TR weapons: HBR-1 Dragoon, DMR-99, and HSR-1

  • Now converts 125 direct damage into 100 explosive damage over 2 meters for all affected weapons.
  • Minimum blast damage from 1 to 25.
  • Bonus friendly-fire damage reduction from 75% to 50%. This effect stacks multiplicatively with the baseline 50% damage reduction applied to all non-squad friendly fire.
  • Explosive Ammunition now has new impact effect visuals.

Dev Note: Previously, Explosive Ammunition dropped the Dragoon's 334 direct damage to 250, and added 75 splash over 2 meters (it was stated incorrectly as 1.5 meters in the tooltip.) For non-Dragoon weapons, the effect was the same, effectively boosting the damage of those weapons to silly levels.

Misc. Changes, Fixes, and Additions

  • Added a setting option that can disable melee weapons from being auto-wielded when the melee key is held down.
  • Same-faction targets no longer appear in the firing lanes in VR Training, but still appear out in the field.
  • Defectors can no longer hit themselves when firing through the Seraph Shield.
  • Added underbarrels to many weapons that were intended to receive them during the Arsenal Update.
  • Tactical Grenades/Mines now show "Assists to Next" instead of "Kills to Next" and are capable of earning assist ribbons.
  • The Oshur "Underwater Travel" directive no longer shows numbers that exceeds the display, and instead counts to 5000 hectometers (100 meters per 1 point.)
  • ANTs with the Deliverer Module equipped now earn spawn experience.
  • The A2-20 HCG for the NSO ANT can now unlock the Ammunition Capacity cert line.
  • Chimera CT2-20 HCG barrels now animate when firing.
  • Fixed audio and FX issues related to the HCG.
  • Holding down the afterburner key while your energy is regenerating will once again apply boost when you gain enough energy.
  • You should no longer be able to achieve infinite afterburners.
  • You can once again see afterburner FX from Interceptors deployed by the Bastion Fleet Carrier.
  • Fortify implant now provides the 20% small arms resistance as described, and no longer protects from sniper rifles.
  • Underwater Weapons category has been renamed to Amphibious Rifles and Amphibious Sidearms, where applicable.
  • The Brawler's Extended Magazine no longer conflicts with optics.
  • Viridian Genetics Lab's Ammunition Tower now provides ammunition.
  • Concussion Mines no longer causes a second placed mine to remove the first.
  • Exodus Flotilla Cannons no longer fire upon allied NSO Flash and Javelins.
  • Fixed various underbarrel related issues.
  • Adrenaline Shield's upgrade descriptions no longer differ from the ability's actual description.