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Chapter 3 is live!

Chapter 03 - Campaign Finale

Auraxis celebrates the construction of the first major facility built terrestrially since the war began, a representation of each faction's combined efforts to quell the instability on Esamir.

With the last chapter of our campaign, the roaming energy storm on Esamir has dissipated, now controlled by the new "Containment Sites" that have been constructed. These massive underground facilities bring with them new challenges and gameplay never before seen in PlanetSide 2.

For the PC, this last chapter of The Shattered Warpgate campaign will start May 05, and run through June 30.

While the Campaign will eventually end, Esamir is forever changed, and the Containment Sites are here to stay... or at least until another catastrophe.


Containment Site (New Facility)
The Containment Site is a large scale facility new to Esamir in Chapter 03 of The Shattered Warpgate campaign. There are multiple stages of combat where soldiers will fight around and through the facility. Vehicle combat is emphasized outside of the facility, requiring the destruction of multiple weakpoints to bring down gate shields barring entry. Within the hub of the facility, a destroyable SCU will disable defender spawn locations on the first floor of the facility. Attackers then descend into the lower regions of the facility, fighting for capture points held in the Botany and Reliquary wings, as well as within the Tempest Capacitor. The Botany and Reliquary capture points also activate a spawn rooms for attackers within the facility, allowing them to establish a tenuous foothold within the base. During the fight for capture point control, defenders spawn within the sub-level, and must fight their way back toward the surface to re-secure the facility.


This new facility houses a variety of gameplay elements that are new to Auraxis.

  • Gate Shield Weakpoints - The hangar bay doors preventing passage into the center of the facility must first be destroyed before a shield will fall. There are three gate shields that operate independently, and are impervious to small arms damage.
  • Upper Level SCU - Unlike most Spawn Control Units, this one can be destroyed through heavy weapons fire or overloaded. Overloading the SCU will prevent defenders from spawning on the upper level.
  • Guide Paths - Making your way through the heart of the facility is assisted with guide paths that light the way toward each capture point.
  • Tempest Siphon - A massive conduit channels the sky's energy into the core of the facility. While the siphon is active, both this conduit and the Tempest Capacitor rooms are deadly. Defenders can turn the siphon on, while attackers can turn it off, using a console on the mid level. If defenders turn the Tempest Siphon on, it will also immediately take back the capture point held within the Tempest Capacitor room.
  • Electrical Room - While the siphon is active, this room becomes charged with energy and shields prevent access (for your safety). The capture point within also reverts to the defender's ownership when this room is active.
  • Botany Wing - Planters cultivating the new flora of the Shattered Warpgate can be found in the Botany Wing. These plants act as soft cover that can be destroyed, and regrows rapidly.
  • Reliquary Wing - Important research is locked away in the Reliquary Wing, and multiple shields block passage to the capture point. Destroyable locking mechanisms disable these shields.
  • Attacker Spawns - Both the Botany Wing and Reliquary Wing capture points are tied to spawn points that only attackers will gain access to if secured.
  • Vents - There are plenty of ways in and around the facility, including small passageways that offer risky alternative paths to your destination.

A new lattice lane near to the Shattered Warpgate has unlocked, allowing you to fight through the ruins of Stillwater Watch.