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Nexus Preview, this weekend!

The following update will land on PTS this Friday, we'll share when the server is unlocked and available.
Download the Test Server client from this thread after reading the Test Server Policies:


The first match of Outfit Wars is just around the corner, and this weekend we'll be hosting a very abbreviated test run for anyone looking to explore the new Nexus battle island before match time.

On the Public Test Server, we'll be holding a short Outfit War with the timeline as follows:
Friday, 4:00pm PT (1:00am CEST) - Enlistment Opens
Saturday, 11:00am PT (8:00pm CEST) - Enlistment Ends, Qualifier Match Begins
Saturday, 12:30pm PT (9:30pm CEST) - Playoffs Match (top 4 Outfits)
Saturday, 2:00pm PT (11:00pm CEST) - Championship Match (top 4 Outfits)



Enlistment - For this test war, we'll require that an Outfit has at least 5 members to activate enlistment, as well as 5 to sign up. We encourage active Outfits on Test to enable recruitment and auto-join functionality, and make sure that new recruits have permissions capable of joining Outfit Wars.

Qualifiers - This single match time will encompass all of the teams who've signed up to participate. This is your main chance to test Nexus prior to its arrival.

Playoffs - The top four highest-rated teams will continue on to the Playoffs. However, without more Qualifier matches leading up to this point, take the Playoff matchups with a grain of salt, as scores will be extremely volatile.

Championships - Similar to the above, the Playoff matchups will face off again in the Championship to determine the overall "winners" for this event. This should be viewed more as a test of the phases and event structure than anything else, however.

Known Issues

  • War Assets can't currently be used by any team that doesn't fall into the right "faction colors" ie. NC can only use War Assets while on Team Omega (Blue Team), TR can only use War Assets while on Team Alpha (Red Team.)
  • We're still working to refine the HUD tinting mechanics.



New Empire-Specific Cannons

New Empire Specific Main Battle Tank and Lightning Tank main cannons are making their way to the Public Test Server. These weapons are currently a work-in-progress in terms of audio, visuals, and statistics.

New Conglomerate

  • The JGX12 (Vanguard) and JGX11 (Lightning) turrets function similar to artillery, with better turret elevation, made for lobbing anti-armor explosives. With a heavy projectile arc, the high skill ceiling is repaid with some of the best single-shot anti-vehicle damage in the arsenal.

Vanu Sovereignty

  • The Perihelion VXC (Magrider) and Perihelion L-VXC (Lightning), similar to their Aphelion counter-part fires a crescent wave that slices through infantry and is unaffected by gravity. In contrast, the VXC is an anti-vehicle weapon with a single fire and fast reload.

Terran Republic

  • The P4-120 Kingsnake (Prowler) and L2-100 Kingsnake (Lightning) fire a 4-shell and 2-shell burst respectively, peppering an area with high-impact anti-vehicle shells. At close to mid-range, the Kingsnake rewards users with some of the highest damage output in the game.

Nanite Systems Operatives

  • The Larion PPC (Chimera) and the Larion LPPC (Lightning) are particle projection cannons that fire a lance of light, piercing through infantry and vehicles alike. This weapon has no projectile drop, or area of effect damage, and travels quickly to snipe targets at a distance.


Chimera Ability, Power Spike

You'll find the Chimera with a new utility option on the Public Test Server.

Power Spike energizes a short-lived damage shield, blocking up to 2000 damage for the next 2.5 seconds. While the shield is active, the Chimera's main cannon is charged with a Havoc payload, causing a direct hit to disable the target's ability to repair for a short time.

Main Cannon Velocities

Main cannon velocities have been increased for the weapons below. This serves as a general increase to the range and accuracy afforded to most anti-vehicle main cannons.

Vanu Sovereignty

  • Supernova PC projectile velocity from 200m/s to 225m/s.
  • Supernova FPC projectile velocity from 250m/s to 275m/s.

New Conglomerate

  • Titan-150 HEAT projectile velocity from 225m/s to 275m/s.
  • Titan-150 AP projectile velocity from 275m/s to 325m/s.

Terran Republic

  • P2-120 HEAT projectile velocity from 200m/s to 225m/s.
  • P2-120 AP projectile velocity from 250m/s to 275m/s.

Nanite Systems Operatives

  • CT-135 projectile velocity from 225m/s to 250m/s.
  • CT-102 Satyr projectile velocity from 200m/s to 225m/s.

Common Pool

  • L100 Python HEAT projectile velocity from 200m/s to 225m/s.
  • L100 Python AP projectile velocity from 250m/s to 275m/s.



We're interested in hearing feedback regarding the event, and your time spent with the new items and updates making it to Test as well.