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Items to Spark Your Independence Day Spirit!

Whether it's adding stars and stripes to your camo, or firing at your enemy with festive flare, you'll find plenty available to get you in the spirit of USA's Independence Day (July 4th). These patriotic-themed items have returned to the Depot for a limited time, and for the first time ever, they're available on the PC and the PS4! 

Flare Guns: (pictured above)

You'll have access to a variety of flares, in both common and empire-specific varieties. Let us know how many kills you get this weekend!

Patriot Camo:

Patriot Camo

Each empire has access to stars and stripes themed camo for armor, vehicles, and weapons.

Sparkler Ornament:

Hood Ornament

Bring the festivity to your entire platoon with sparkling hood ornaments!


These specialty items are only available until 11:59PM, PDT* on Friday, July 10th. Hurry to the depot before the rocket's red glare fades away for another year! 

*PDT is Pacific Daylight Time; Convert to Local Time Here