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Empire Loyalty Matters as the War Expands to PS4

War is spreading. PlanetSide 2 is launching on the PlayStation® 4 on Tuesday, June 23. Are you fully prepared to show your allegianc to your empire? If not, now is the time to GET ready, recruits, with the J!NX PlanetSide 2 Sale!

From Monday, June 22 through Monday, June 29, all PlanetSide 2 empire shirts at will be 25% off. Not sure if you have the honorof the Terrans, wisdom of the Vanu, or rebellious spirit of the NC? Get all THREE empire shirts and the discount goes up to 30% off!

Which empire’s soldiers have the most loyalty? At the end of the sale, we’ll announce which empire reigned supreme for ultimate bragging rights. Now that’s worth the shirt on your back.