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Help Us Test Construction on the PTS!

Join us on Saturday, April 14th, 2018 starting at 4:00 PM PT on the Public Test Server to help us test out some of the upcoming changes and additions to the Construction System!

Lead by Game Designer Drew Matte, this playtest will help the team gather important feedback about the recent updates made to the Construction System (such as the additions of the Pain Spire, the Routing Spire, and the Flail) and aid us in catching any new bugs that may have surfaced alongside these changes. 

Wondering what the game plan is? At 4:00 PM PT, Construction players are invited to help build 2 specific bases - one focused on Orbital Strike and one for a Roadblock. After approximately 30 minutes of building (at around 4:30 PM PT), soldiers are welcome to siege those bases and let war ensue.


You can learn about the Public Test Server works and how you can download it here. We'll be seeing you on the battlefield, soldiers!