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\\Welcome back to the war zone, soldiers!

For those who are new to the fray, Outfit Wars is a competitive tournament cycle, first introduced in last year’s Escalation PC update, for aspiring Outfits to prove their valor, earn rewards, and compete for the title of Auraxis’ best.  Any PlanetSide 2 PC Outfit with a full platoon (48) of members and enough resources can opt-in to participate in their server region, before competing in a series of epic 48v48v48-player matches in Desolation, a new Asteroid continent built for competitive play. 


In this NEW update, ALL participating Outfits will compete on Desolation throughout Qualifiers, with the top Outfits from each faction advancing to the playoffs.  This is intended to be more participatory, less disruptive to the main game, and ultimately allow every player the opportunity to battle it out on Desolation.  


For those of you who were able to check it out on the Public Test Server and provided us feedback, thank you, we heard you and made the fixes on the reported issues, including server related performance improvements.


For full intel on the new Outfit Wars, check our patch notes HERE


We break down the Qualifying Phases and Scoring HERE. 


Now that you’re fully stacked with information, now time to get in-game and show us what your Outfit is made of, soldier!