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Ultimate Empire Showdown - Join the Fight

Your Empire Needs YOU for the Ultimate Empire Showdown

During the Ultimate Empire Showdown on January 25th, three teams of representatives will fight for their Empires, battling to win the ultimate bragging rights. But even if you're not at the live event, you can be a part of the action!

Your Empire needs you to help secure additional victories that will bring glory and honor to those who succeed. Whether you're chilling at home in your mom's luxurious basement, or commanding the charge from your posh penthouse headquarters, it's all hands on deck for this event!

Log in and show your might through these three challenging scenarios, and show your enemies who they are contending with. Help your empire dominate to claim total victory!

* Flight of the Galaxies – The Empire that owns this facility on the most servers at the end of this 30-minute challenge will secure the victory.

* None Shall Pass –If this facility is in your Empire's hands on the most servers at the end of this 30-minute challenge, triumph will be yours.

* Territory Tyrant – Control the most territory on this continent on the most servers at the end of this 30-minute challenge to win this battle for your Empire.

Everyone can be involved in this battle between Empires and servers. Join us on Connery to play alongside LevelCap, SeaNanners and Total Biscuit, or play on other servers to show your Empire's complete superiority. All three challenges take place on Amerish.

Trophies for each challenge will be awarded at the live event to the leaders of the winning Empire. Stay tuned to our channel from 4-7PM PST for live coverage of the entire evening's events. We'll show you what the soldiers at ground zero are doing; YOU show your support in the most creative ways you can imagine and help earn the Player's Choice award for your Empire. Share your Empire pride via Facebook, Twitter and Google+ before and during the event.

If you're in the Los Angeles area, be sure to come down to the Ultimate Empire Showdown for a chance to meet the game's developers, mingle with your allies and enemies, and watch the throwdown at the Showdown live as it happens. Admission is free -- click here for information on how to get on the list.

Will SeaNanners and his NC companions wipe the floor with their foes? Will LevelCap and the Vanu team eliminate the competition? Or will Total Biscuit lead TR to prove their prowess?

Win or lose, we'll see you on Friday. The fight is over when the enemy is down. Go forth and do what honor demands!