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NSO _Integration Update

The _Integration has begun.

With new NSO weapons, NSO vehicles and ever changing faction loyalties, now is the time to join the ranks within the Nanite Systems Operatives.


Freelance and Home Factions

There have been some changes to how the NSO operate in PlanetSide 2, read about it below.

"Freelance" status is now given to non Daybreak All Access NSO player characters. Each time a non member accesses a continent, they are placed in the lowest populated faction and are considered to be Freelance operatives.

As an All Access member, you have the option of aligning yourself with the VS, NC, or TR faction, allowing you to create, join, and manage an Outfit within that empire.
Read all about Freelancing, and changes to existing NSO Outfits [ here. ]


Dervish Heavy Fighter

A new aircraft has been added to NSO, the Dervish Heavy Fighter.


  • DV-22 Raycaster - All-rounder machine gun that fires photonically propelled tungsten slugs.
  • DV-21 Lotus - A high rate of fire gatling gun that shreds light aircraft at close range.
  • DV-XE - A charge-based six-round particle projection barrage that can dispatch heavy aircraft.

Top Turrets

  • DV-22T Lightweaver - A machine-gun top turret that functions similarly to the Raycaster, and can deal with any threat.
  • DV-LAT Pixie - An anti-aircraft lock-on turret that launches a stream of homing missiles at tracked targets.
  • DV-XAT - A heavy charge-up cannon that fires a concentrated photon blast for high damage.

Read more about the Dervish Heavy Fighter [ here. ]


Chimera Main Battle Tank

The Chimera Main Battle Tank is now accessible to all NSO players. This supreme heavy tank seats the driver, turret gunner, and 4 rear passengers outside of the tank. The Chimera supports the following weapon options.

Main Cannons

  • CT-135 - A balanced main cannon suited to both anti-infantry and anti-vehicle roles alike.
  • CT-150 Cyclops - A high-velocity anti-vehicle cannon capable of long-range combat.
  • CT-102 Satyr - A mid-range cannon capable of firing five rounds before reloading.

Forward Turrets

  • CT2-20 HCG - A versatile heavy chaingun turret with effectiveness in all combat situations.
  • CT2-8M Siren - Fires smart micro-missiles with anti-aircraft proximity tracking.
  • CT2-XP - A charge-up photon weapon that can demolish heavily armored vehicles.

Read more about the Chimera Heavy Battle Tank [ here. ]


Various Infantry and Javelin Weapon Changes

You can be read about the latest weapon changes from our Patch Notes [ here. ]



The NSO MAX unit has been given a new visual update as well as two new weapons.

Defector Weapons

  • D7 Hummingbird - A modified grenade printer that fires lock-on drones capable of anti-aircraft duty.
  • D11 Detonator - A long-range anti-armor artillery shell that increases in damage potential the further it travels.

Defector Additional Changes

  • The Defector can now equip implants available to MAX units.
  • Time Bomb now removes weapon heat when active, and has been given an additional upgrade rank.
  • Now has access to the Emergency Repair ability.
  • A later update with better match the Defector's hitbox with its new visuals.

For more additions, changes and bug fixes, head on over to the Patch Notes Thread on our forums.


Developer Spotlight Interviews

Get a behind the scenes look at some of the makings of this major update! Read up on how some of our developers got started at Rogue Planet Games.

Senior Sound Designer, Homero Sanchez 
Senior Artist, Chris Bishop


Drop us a comment on our forums let us know what you think about this latest update!